Olive and Let Die


Wow, it's literally been summer vacation for one week and I already am busy beyond belief. I try my hardest to make blogging a top priority but please forgive me if I'm inconsistent or go M.I.A. Having plans every day is hectic, but I love being busy with friends and work and fun instead of studying. I like to enjoy every minute that I can during summer, especially since next summer I'll be packing for college (what?!?).
Anyways, it's become minimal-clothing, multiple-iced-lattes-per-day weather here in LA. Although the crazy high temperatures force me to shed my go-to sweaters and knits, I maintain my sanity by playing with textures and colors. I'm not the biggest fan of green in large doses, but these two pieces suddenly clicked in my mind and I had to test it out. My favorite corduroy skirt went perfectly with the burlap feel of this bralette top, the heavy textiles were balanced out by the sheer lack of coverage. This fringe bag has become a staple, and I laced up my docs for the first time in forever to add a heavy finish. 
I'm off to Amoeba to search for Childish Gambino and Best Coast's albums, I promise I will be posting regularly very soon! I hope you're enjoying your summer xx

skirt- Urban Outfitters (Crossroads)
top- Urban Outfitters
bag- H&M
boots- Dr. Martens

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