Fun fact: this shoot took place immediately after downing a grande iced coffee, and I was doing a toddler dance in between every photo.
Lately I've been drawn to simple pieces in neutral colors and interesting textiles. Tweed, silk, cashmere, and leather are so perfect for mixing and layering to create subtle contrasts. I may not wear crazy prints together, but I have no problem with some tweed trousers and a silk tank. Maybe it's time for me to step out of my comfort zone, or maybe I'm just settling into a new style. 
I am so infinitely infatuated with my new pants. They are perfect: tweed, black and grey, high waisted, and cropped at the ankle. I can't wait to wear them with turtlenecks and pullovers as fall rolls around, but for today's sunshine I slipped on a silky tank top for a nice and comfortable contrast. I absolutely love pairing platform shoes with cropped pants, so my Chinese Laundry sandals were a no-brainer. The latest in my sweater addiction, my cozy Dior investment kept me perfectly warm until the sun came out (leave it to me to drop serious cash on an oversized men's sweater). Finally, I grabbed my favorite fringe bag. This bag makes every look a head turner, it's so simple but it adds just enough drama. 

pants- Ann Taylor Loft (thrifted)
tank- Forever 21
cardigan- Dior
bag- H&M
shoes- Chinese Laundry 

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