Cross My Heart


Yes, I know, I've been wearing these shoes and this bag quite frequently. I just love how these shoes are casual but still dress things up a bit, and I've already tired myself out explaining my love for fringed bags. 
I'm a firm believer in the rule that if your going to showcase one feature, keep the rest covered. I don't enforce that rule for the modesty- I think everyone has the right to show off whatever body parts they want in whatever way they want- I just think it looks better to have one feature standing out. For me, it's usually my legs. As you know by now I'm obsessed with layering sweaters and flowy tops over tiny skirts and dresses, my legs are definitely my favorite feature. 
Aaaaanyways, I broke out my silky sequined shorts for the first time in awhile. The weightlessness of the shorts was weighed down by this cozy long sleeve, pushed off-shoulder to be comfortable until the sun and temperatures dropped. Driving around in the golden hour makes sunglasses a necessity, so I grabbed the latest addition to my sunglasses collection- I'm obsessed with this shape and these will hold me over until I can actually afford Ray Bans. I finally threw on my trusty platforms and bag, and headed out the door towards a night spent happily wandering Koreatown. 
Also, IT'S SUMMER! I'm now considered a senior in high school, which is bizarre, but I'm so excited for the adventures and opportunities that this summer already has in store. 

shorts- Wildfox Couture
top- Urban Outfitters
shoes- Chinese Laundry
bag- H&M
bralette- Urban Outfitters
sunglasses- Urban Outfitters

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