Beach Please


Hellooo! Once again, I am so so so sorry for not being consistent lately. Work, insanely high temperatures, and sheer exhaustion have kept me from posting as often as I'd like. 
My style has definitely shifted lately, I've become much more minimal in what I wear, especially due to the weather. This summer I'm focused on stocking my closet with basic and timeless pieces that I can wear in endless ways. 
A trip to the beach usually isn't a big fashion opportunity, but putting a few basic pieces together can really step up any bikini and sandals. My new plain white tee was perfect for layering over a tribal bikini top, and high waisted cutoffs are an absolute essential (I recently chopped a few more inches off in a flurry of 100-degree-LA-frustration). I recently bought some new Birkenstocks, I love how they're the classics but not the same style that everyone seems to have lately. Finally, my classic add-ons: sunnies, a delicately long gold necklace, wooden bracelet, and my beloved fringe bag. 
Long story short, don't get stuck in the rut of dressing for the beach! Never ever underestimate the power of some simple pieces and comfy layering. And never EVER underestimate a white tee. Ever. 

tee- H&M
shorts- Levi's (vintage)
bikini top- H&M
shoes- Birkenstock
glasses- Urban Outfitters
bag- H&M

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