Seeing Rosy


I may wear this corduroy skirt a little too often but I can't help myself from mixing it with different colors, textures, and styles every few days. 
I rarely wear my tuxedo shirt to school because of it's formality, but I just fell in love with it contrasted against the green cords. My oxfords were perfect for keeping the schoolgirl-ish vibe, and Starry Night socks are always a good idea. I have so many cool socks that I want to wear more, but I'm always hesitant with what shoes/outfits to pair them with. Yet another trend I'll overcome with your help! Please please please give me sock inspo/ideas on instagram (@ostermangio) or in the comments! 

skirt- Crossroads
shirt- Urban Outfitters
shoes- Dr. Martens
socks- Sock It To Me

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