Oh dear, two red plaid posts in a row. But today's shoot was just too good. 
My posting has been spotty because in the course of three days I had the SAT, AP exam, one final, and a research project. My entire weekend was spent studying, but yesterday I finally got the AP exam over and I am proud to say that last night I got 8 WHOLE HOURS OF SLEEP. I was just so relaxed and happy today, and after school my best friend and I got lost and ended up in a coven-esque field which inevitably turned into photoshoot.
After a week of late study nights that led to sweats and track pants, a dramatically good outfit was much needed today. This dress is uber comfy, and the little details make it so special. I layered my velvet cami underneath to make the low neckline dress code-appropriate, and a black cardigan to cope with the suddenly gloomy LA weather. My usual array of gold necklaces, and I was ready to go. 
Is it weird that gloomy weather makes me want to play all my beach-y music? I swear I've listened to the new Best Coast album three times today. 

dress- Urban Outfitters
cami- vintage
cardigan- Urban Outfitters
boots- Steve Madden
necklaces- H&M

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