No Flock


Visited some old favorite spots and made some new favorite spots, a.k.a. all I need for a perfect day.
Lately I've been craving simplicity in what I wear, maybe because school and everything else is so chaotic. My past few purchases have been classic and simple, including this thrifted cotton blouse. It's airiness needed layering and chunky accessories, and some simple color balance with a green bustier-top and black jeans. I love my gold bamboo necklace because it makes a statement without being too flashy, and my platform sandals just make every outfit more interesting. Another jumble of textures, colors and styles that came together in a comfy and chic look (that took me from Grand Central Market to the abandoned zoo).
Today we visited the White Out by Vincent Lamouroux on Sunset and Bates, it was very very cool and you should definitely check it out if you're nearby!  

blouse- thrifted
bustier- Urban Oufitters
jeans- Urban Outfitters
necklace- Forever 21
shoes- Buffalo Exchange
sunglasses- Urban Outfitters

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