I Can't Get No Satisfaction


As much as I love wearing my black silk and leather and fur, every once and a while I have to throw on a comfy band tee. 
This morning I grabbed my tried and true old Rolling Stones tee. Instead of just throwing on some skinny jeans like I usually would, I decided to play with prints and stay away from my usual color palate (or lack thereof). The faded blue of the shirt happens to perfectly coincide with my polka dotted miniskirt, with white accents that let me wear my Superstars. 
As LA is entering the grueling heat that lasts until pretty much November, I'm reluctantly folding up my sweaters and turtlenecks. I'm excited for the trends and new experiences that this summer has in store and I'm excited to be more active here! Tank tops and dresses and bralettes and daily posting! 

tee- thrifted
skirt- vintage
shoes- Adidas

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