A Little Off the Top


A quick, gloomy weathered, makeup free shoot today right after thrifting. I got so much new stuff that I'm really excited to show you guys! Oh, and I got half my hair chopped off again. 
Although I love cold weather with it's cozy lattes and fuzzy sweaters, I really can't wait for summer. No school, daily posting, and beach trips are much needed. 
I wore candy pastels on this thrifting trip to brighten my cloud-dulled spirits, and unintentionally came out looking like a hip 90's soccer mom-which I loved. I'm in love with my lavender sweater because it is warm and comfy with a super happy color. High waisted Levi's balanced the sweater, with pink socks and my unbelievably clean Superstars to keep comfy and somewhat warm. 

sweater- American Apparel 
shorts- Levi's (vintage)
socks- Target
shoes- Adidas

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