11:59 PM

"hella" is one of those words that I started saying ironically and now has unfortunately become part of my daily vocabulary. 
I am finally the owner of some new, beautiful, white, shiny Adidas Superstars. I've been hunting them down for months along with some other sporty shoe choices, but the timing was right when I found some in Union Square last night. I knew that their first outfit had to be all black, because they're at that precious stage of new-ness in which the brightness is almost blinding. Today was (hella) windy, so layering was a must. Black skinnies, cuffed of course, with a sleeveless turtleneck was my base, with a long black cardigan on top and my moto jacket for later. My mom's borrowed Coach bag is surprisingly versatile, marsala is such a perfect color to compliment anything and it's simplicity is beautiful. 
I know my San Francisco posts can be a bit repetitive, but due to the layering that's necessary here I usually just pack my basic go-to pieces! 

jacket- Celebrity Pink
turtleneck- thrifted
cardigan- H&M
jeans- Urban Outfitters
shoes- Adidas 
bag- Coach

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