Just Did It.


Today's weather called for a mix of buns, iced lattes, legs, and windbreakers. 
I know the stereotypical "thrifting" experience-or at least what I imagined before I ever actually set foot in a thrift store- is a plethora of perfect fair isle sweaters and flannels and Nike jackets. However, I quickly became savvy to the reality of thrifting before I could hone my tactics for finding the perfect pieces every time. That being said, this jacket is a dream come true. 
I dug this out of a very crammed rack in the men's section of my favorite thrift store, and it reminded me of the Yeezus Tour windbreaker so I just had to buy it. The enormous size poses some difficulties, but it's great for in-between weather like today. Layered on top of my tee dress, it was perfectly comfortable. Superstars were the perfect comfy and sporty finish, and one simple thin gold chain. 
Wearing sporty clothes I can't help but take a million jumping shots, I feel like I belong in a Nike storefront or something. I must have looked ridiculous- a very small girl in a very large jacket hopping around like crazy in front of a tripod. Whatever.

jacket- Nike(thrifted)
dress- H&M
shoes- Adidas (x)
necklace- H&M

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