I'll Be There For You


Just another quickie outfit post from another Friday night date with my best friend. 
For some reason I was determined to dress like Rachel from Friends tonight. My 3/4 sleeve vintage crop top is perfect for LA nights, the long-ish sleeves provide the perfect amount of warmth without feeling stuffy. A plaid American Apparel circle skirt was essential for the 90's vibe, just high waisted enough to compliment the crop top. Finally, my Superstars were slipped on and worn out for the third time without a speck of dirt (I hope I didn't just jinx it).
I indulged in some retail therapy, partly because I'm not currently at Coachella and partly because I didn't get Rolling Stones tickets this morning. I got some really good pieces and I'll try to shoot/post them tomorrow! I'm still bummed about missing out on Mick Jagger, but at least I'm bummed out in some cute new shoes.

shirt- vintage
skirt- American Apparel
shoes- Adidas Originals
watch- Marc Jacobs
bag- Coach

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  1. OMG! That skirt is perfect!


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