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The latest and greatest in my grandma-sweater collection!
This beauty was thrifted yesterday, and I immediately pictured it contrasting with my green corduroy skirt. This skirt is so versatile, who knew corduroy could be layered with so many other textures? Ok, a lot of people probably knew that, but as a new corduroy fan I'm very impressed. 
I have this curse in which I always find amazing cold-weather pieces once the weather starts to warm up. I'm infinitely grateful to live in sunny Los Angeles but really, do I have to find a Nike windbreaker when it's already 80 degrees out? However, an overcast day let me display my new chunky sweater with comfort. My simple white cami and white bralette were the essential middlemen to balance the two textures, and my oxfords added their typical hint of edge. 

skirt- Urban Outfitters
tank- thrifted
bralette- Urban Outfitters
sweater- thrifted
shoes- Dr. Martens
necklace- H&M

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