Cargo Away


Another look that I got to shoot while in San Francisco! I love my dad's area of the city because it has so many different settings, the beach is just a bike ride away from this huge grassy path, which is just a drive away from Union Square. 
These cargo pants are very unappreciated. I found them in SF over a year ago, and this may be their second time out of the closet. For some reason I find it difficult to pair things with them, but sticking to basics was the way to go. First off was the white tank-bralette combo that I've been wearing way too often lately (I fear the tank will just disintegrate in the washing machine one of these days). On top of that went my dad's flannel, taken directly from his closet while he wasn't looking. There is absolutely nothing comfier than oversized flannels and oversized sweaters, don't try to argue with me on this. My new favorite necklaces were layered, the cargos were cuffed, and my chelsea boots were put on- I was ready to get my Haight St. brunch on.

pants- thrifted
tank- thrifted
bralette- Urban Outfitters
flannel- St. John's Bay
boots- Steve Madden 
necklaces- H&M
bag- Coach 

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