But In My Arms,


Felt unashamedly Lolita today. 
I'm still surprising myself with how many things I can wear on top of my plaid skater skirt, I was skeptical when I first bought it (as with most things). At my last thrifting trip I found this amazing black crop top- it's perfectly thin and finely detailed to stand out while staying quiet. I love solid colored pieces with little details, because I can easily layer them with other printed bottoms/tops and mix up the texture. I put on my chelsea boots to maintain the long-legged illusion that this skirt creates, and I couldn't help put wear my cross choker to balance the schoolgirl-ness of this outfit. 
Maybe you've noticed that I've started including little widgets at the bottom of each post! Sometimes it's difficult to track down an item I'm wearing, but from now on I'll find similar and affordable alternatives for you guys. I hope this helps! 

top- thrifted
skirt- American Apparel
boots- Steve Madden
choker- vintage

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