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Woo hoo, an aesthetically pleasing new shirt!!
This is yet another one of my purchases from the latest thrift shop excursion, a boxy knit top that was about $50 cheaper than the trendy American Apparel version. I love the simplicity of it, so for it's first look I paired it with plain black skinnies and my chelsea boots. A black beaded choker kept the lines going, and my usual arm candy added some color. I'm already fantasizing about pairing this top with different prints, colors, and so much more. 
I'm dying to change up my hair again, and I need suggestions! I'm definitely going to chop it again, and I'm really considering dying it. My top contenders are lavender or grey, give me your opinions in the comments/Instagram! Keep in mind that there is a huge chance I'll chicken out and just keep my natural blonde. 

jeans- Urban Outfitters
boots- Steve Madden
watch- Marc Jacobs

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