Field Trippin


Field trips are the treasured days of every year from kindergarten on, and living in Los Angeles has definite field-trip-perks. Today's adventure was a train ride to the Central Library downtown, and Olvera Street for lunch. These photos are just snippets of the day that I managed to capture with my best friend, who is the only person I know that can absolutely rock double-denim. 
For maximum comfort I went to my all-black instincts; black jeans and cropped/sleeveless turtleneck did the trick. My oxfords are go-tos for days with lots of walking, and my Calvin denim jacket is the perfect last layer for changing weather and monochromatic looks. 
Hopefully I'll get a full detailed post up tomorrow, but my birthday is on Friday so I've been very busy! Talk to you soon xoxo

jeans- Urban Outfitters
top- thrifted
jacket- Calvin Klein (vintage)
shoes- Dr. Martens
bag- Steve Madden

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