Cotton Candy Cloud


Not only did I not wear any black today, I wore head-to-toe pink. Who even am I anymore?!?!
I went thrifting yesterday and got some major scores, including this light-as-a-feather top. It's embroidered, blush, sheer, and makes me feel like I could just float away into the Spring sky. For it's first outing I ambitiously paired it with another pink piece, my flowy blush skirt that I rarely break out of the closet. The whole day was a long, flowing, pink cloud and I couldn't have been more comfortable. Topped off with my marsala Coach bag and sparkly Juju Jellies, and I completely forgot about the lack of black.

top- thrifted
crop top (underneath)- H&M
skirt- Crossroads
bag- Coach
shoes- Juju Jellies 

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