Blooms On Sunset


I'm so sorry for not posting this week, stress just kept appearing and I had absolutely no time to shoot. However, I love making little plans for the weekend/Fridays so there's something to look forward too throughout the chaotic week. So here's a little mini-post of what I wore yesterday.
For a trip to Amoeba, walking Sunset Blvd, and exploring Griffith Park's abandoned zoo, I kept it comfy and colorful. The weather has been very weird lately, so the fact that I could leave the house in these shorts was quite a celebration. I paired them with a cropped knit top and my floral cardigan, with Docs for comfort and edge to throw off the floral. 
Public Service Announcement: now that I have worn shorts for the first time since early fall, I am already planning my beach trips and pool days. Can you blame me? 

shorts- Levi's (vintage)
top- Vintage
sweater- thrifted 
boots- Dr. Martens (vintage)
necklace- Forever 21

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