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Today's look walked straight out of Clueless and into my school with no hesitation. After years of fighting, I have finally given turtlenecks a try-and I'm in love. Ever since I was little I absolutely hated turtlenecks and having to tug at my suffocating collar every five seconds, but somehow I have been enlightened. At my last thrift shop visit I picked up two sleeveless turtlenecks, and of course one of them had to be black. 
I bought this American Apparel circle skirt while in San Francisco on Valentine's Day, but I have hesitated to wear it until now. Wearing a red plaid skirt must be executed with caution; there's a fine line between punk fashion and the "Punk" Halloween costume that Hot Topic sells every year. I thought I'd roll with it's 90's vibe by tucking in the sleeveless turtleneck, topping it off with my detailed hamsa necklace and a few bracelets. Grounded with some vintage boots, I was ready to tackle my day with all the 90's angst I could muster. 

shirt- vintage
skirt- American Apparel
boots- vintage

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