Slumber Party


 taken by accident but I dig it. 
We're back to poor quality photos for today because I was feeling my look but I had to serve my detention hour after school. Why did I get detention? Violating dress code. I did not get dress-coded for wearing a bra as a top or for letting my butt hang out of my shorts, nor did I get dress-coded for wearing a t-shirt with a naked woman on it as so many of the boys at my school do. Nope, I got dresscoded because heaven forbid a dime-size hole in my jeans is just above fingertip-level. Dress codes are ridiculously sexist and unfair but that is a topic for another day. 
Aaaannnyyways, today's top was a silk pajama top, borrowed after much begging from my mom. Most of my non-denim pants have a somewhat pajama-y vibe, but wearing a legitimate pajama shirt was quite an experience. I think wearing pajamas or loungewear as a fashion statement is absolutely fine, as long as it has something unique about it (silk, cool pattern, fit, etc). I wore my lace bralette underneath and allowed it to peek out just slightly, with black skinnies and the chelsea boots for a sleek black look to show the school's dress code system not to eff with me again. I strode in that detention room looking like I belonged in a NYFW tent, latte in hand. 
Another SF post will be ready for you tomorrow! Have a wonderful and relaxing Friday! 

top- vintage
jeans- Urban Outfitters
boots- Steve Madden 

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