Silk Dreams


Nothing makes me happier than head to toe black silk. Nothing. If only I had an iced coffee in my hand, I would probably faint from pure bliss. 
I found these lovely trousers at the Urban Outfitters surplus (surprise surprise), and I fell in love with the silky soft texture and high waisted silhouette. As soon as I bought them I knew they needed to be paired with my Forever 21 tank, they go together so perfectly it almost seems like a set. I just love drowning in my clothes, but with a slight waist-tuck-in or cropped ankle to prove to the world that there is still a little human under the plethora of black silk. Complemented with delicate gold jewelry, a lace bralette, and Birkenstocks- I was ready to breeze through this lovely almost-spring day. 

trousers- Urban Outfitters
tank- Forever 21
bralette- Urban Outfitters
sandals- Birkenstocks 


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