San Francisco: Part 3


The final San Francisco post! My second to last day in the city was spent in a simple go-to outfit: black skinnies, grey tee, and flannel. 
We started out the day with breakfast on Haight Street, one of my favorite spots. After eating and cruising the shops, we visited an aesthetically pleasing yet pretentious art museum that contained lots of antique mirrors for selfie taking. After the museum we set off on an impromptu hike down to Land's End Beach (keep in mind that I am wearing my Birkenstocks this entire time). Painful and sandy feet were a fair price to see the sunset over the rocks and waves. 
Well that's it for my San Francisco segments, until next time!

jeans- Urban Outfitters
tee- Gap
flannel- thrifted
shoes- Birkenstocks

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