San Francisco: Part 2


I know I promised a legitimate outfit post yesterday, but I was up all night with a gnarly case of a sore throat and some sniffles that kept me from getting out of the house, let alone shooting. However, I pinky promise that I will get off my butt and shoot a stellar outfit for you guys tomorrow! I'm currently sipping on an iced caramel macchiatto and listening to Vance Joy's album, and I am convinced that tomorrow will be sniffle-free and glorious. 
Well my second day in San Francisco was Valentine's Day, which was magical. I hate people who despise Valentine's Day just because they're single, I love seeing people walking down the street with roses in their hand or couples going to lunch holding hands. It's such a beautiful holiday to celebrate love and friendship and ahhh I love it. 
For a surprisingly warm-ish day spent walking around the Mission District and Twin Peaks, I layered with my trusty grey sweater and new tux shirt. The tux tank is the perfect length to peek out from under the grey knit, with ultra-skinny jeans underneath to balance all the slouch. I meant to pack my chelsea boots, but since I always seem to forget at least one thing every time I travel, I left them sitting on my bed before grabbing my bag and leaving for the airport. Therefore I spent the entire weekend hiking, dancing, walking and beach-ing in my Birkenstocks. I'm basically a walking Birkenstock advertisement at this point. 
As promised, you will see a detailed outfit-oriented post tomorrow! Stay tuned my loves! 

sweater- thrifted
shirt (underneath)- Urban Outfitters Surplus
jeans- Urban Outfitters
shoes- Birkenstocks 

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