San Francisco: Part 1


Thanks to a delayed flight I arrived in the Bay Area later than expected on Friday. But I have no complaints, because I still ended up with my favorite panini from Cafe Trieste and a trip around Berkeley! I love Berkeley so much, there's always so much going on and good vibes everywhere. I could wander around the little shops for hours, with a quick stop in Amoeba to buy Napoleon Dynamite on VHS. 
For my flight I went with comfy layers that would help the transition between LA warmth and SF frigidity. My grey sweater was a staple on the trip and one of my bulkiest items, so I decided to wear it on the plane. My black trousers are perfectly thin and silky to contrast the thick sweater, while keeping me comfy throughout the night's adventures. My birkenstocks kept me cool while still in LA, and were perfect for romping around from the UC Berkeley campus to the People's Park. 
I'll be sprinkling in my San Francisco posts in between my detailed outfit posts, expect a real post tomorrow! 

sweater- thrifted
trousers- Urban Outfitters
sandals- Birkenstocks

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