My Kinda Florals


I didn't feel like wearing makeup or regular pants today. 
Going through my mom's vintage clothes is equivalent to going shopping for me. I love hunting through her closets (yes, closets. plural.) and finding a hidden treasure like these pants! Dark florals are one of my favorite prints, especially during this time of year, because they have a springtime vibe without being too girly and flouncy. I threw my silky Forever 21 tank on top of the oh so comfy pants, because occasionally I love feeling like my outfit is just one long stream of velvety black paint. The cropped length allowed me to experiment with my docs, which looked perfect with the proportion. All topped off with some minimal accessories and dread-like braids done by my best friend, and I was a happy camper all day. 

pants- Vintage
top- Forever 21
shoes- Dr. Martens (vintage)

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