Happy Tuesday! Another day of a genuinely colorful color palate. It's officially pathetic at this point, today more than one person commented on how I wasn't wearing black.
Today's cold-ish weather allowed a sweater/skirt combo, which I snagged as an opportunity to play with textures. I kept it minimal but loud with my navy quilted polka-dotted skirt and lace-cut-out blouse, and grounded the prints with a solid creamy cardigan. Docs added an edge to the look, and a new delicate Hamsa necklace from Chinatown was the final touch of delicacy.
Hopefully I'll keep up this color-streak, going pastel every once and a while is definitely refreshing.
Talk to you soon babes

skirt- thrifted
blouse- vintage
sweater- Alfani (vintage)
shoes- Dr. Martens

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