Saturday's adventures! Photo creds to my lovely best friend Emma, who took photos for me all day on her iPhone after I left my camera at home and had a mini panic attack about it. 
Our full-day adventure started in Chinatown, at a festival to celebrate the Lunar New Year. The vibe was very similar to the Summer Nights festival: food trucks, little boutique stands, live music, and an inch-thick layer of confetti on the ground. I absolutely adore the little shops in Chinatown, you can never have enough Buddha statues or mini bamboo planters in my opinion. After scouring every store we came across, Emma and I walked to Olvera Street for more shopping and people-watching. After a delicious sandwich at Phillipe's, we walked to Grand Park to rest our aching feet and do some cartwheeling before trekking all the way back to the car. I think real LA locals know that the city IS walkable, you can see some of the best parts of the inner city just by walking a few blocks. Although I can't really take my Steve Madden-clad feet from Los Feliz to the Art District, it's nice to walk down Broadway with a Phillipe's sandwich in hand, open to all the possibilities of downtown. 
The weather promised an overcast Saturday but the morning was sunny, so I covered all possible weather bases with my t-dress and leather jacket. Steve Madden chelsea boots were just comfy enough to carry me wherever the day did. Accessorized with a vintage beaded necklace, my usual hodgepodge of bracelets, and my beloved Marc Jacobs watch.  
Saturday was simply a wonderful day with my wonderful partner-in-crime, I'll be back with a killer look tomorrow. Have a great Tuesday xoxo

dress- H&M
jacket- Celebrity Pink
booties- Steve Madden
bag- Coach 
sunglasses- Forever 21
watch- Marc Jacobs

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