Don't Tux With Me


Today has been the most unphotogenic day in my entire life (however, photo creds to the beautiful and lovely Nara!). 
I've been spending an unhealthy amount of time on Ventura Blvd lately, and I can't seem to visit the Urban Outfitters Surplus store without buying at least one item. Last weekend I bought this white sleeveless button-down, which will be more clearly photographed for you guys soon. I love the long-ness of it and the tuxedo vibe, which I thought was perfectly suited for my black jeans and chelsea boots. Lately it feels like I'm only wearing my black jeans and chelsea boots with different things on top, I am so so sorry and I will start to mix things up immediately! I've just fallen into the habit and I can't stop throwing them on. 
I got a really wonderful piece today (at the surplus of course) and I am very excited to post it, get ready for the grand reveal soon. 

top- Urban Outfitters
jeans- Urban Outfitters
shoes- Steve Madden
bag- Steve Madden

ugh,once again, I'm really sorry for being so boring with my style lately 

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