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Ok, here it is. Lately I've been in a fashion rut. I felt like I kept repeating the same items in different combinations, I hated all of my clothes, and I had no motivation to work on my blog or my style. Well I have come to my senses; no more constant black jeans/chelsea boots combos, no more lazy quality photos, and no more whining. I am Giovanna Osterman, and I know my future in the fashion world is inevitable and infinite. No mental block or childish high school situation can distract me from my future. 
Well, I'm back! The weather is suddenly warm in LA which is icky for my allergies but great for my closet. Today's sunniness lead to my cut up t-dress that was once a men's tee shirt, with my fur coat draped on top for drama and don't-mess-with-me-ness. My beloved Docs were the perfect proportion-contrast, and the gold skull necklace that has become my signature was thrown on as well. I feel so horrible when people ask me where I bought this necklace because I honestly don't know, it was an impulse buy at Chinatown Summer Nights and I was too starstruck by the $5 price tag to check for a name. 

dress- Aeropostale
coat- Urban Outfitters
boots- Dr. Martens (vintage)

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