Carl's Cameo


I bought this jacket with the idea of wearing it with leggings and sporty shoes, but since it's purchase it has been thrown on top of outfits that I never would have imagined (never once have I worn it during any type of actual athletic activity). 
Today's look was simple and easy, a tight cropped 3/4-sleeve under my statement jacket, all over some basic jeans and jellies for a touch of the unexpected. One of my favorite things about wearing nice pieces is the detail, I love a delicate crocheted collar or seeing a minuscule Adidas logo on a drawstring. My jellies continue to be broken in, I can now proudly get through the day without readjusting a hundred times or walking on eggshells to keep my feet from sliding around. I guess it's one baby step at a time. 

jacket- Adidas Originals
top- vintage
jeans- Urban Outfitters
shoes- Juju Jellies

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