Blood On the Leaves


I just love the people that you can be with for billions and billions of hours and not get sick of them. My cutie pie cousin is one of those few people, at least twice a month we go on these spontaneous slumber party extravaganzas that usually involve lots of iced coffee and convertible karaoke parties. 
Going out last night included my t-dress with the grey sweater (that I've worn way too much) layered on top. For thrifting and eating along Ventura Blvd today, I wore my thrifted blue and white dress as a kimono over black skinnies and a white crop top! Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a more detailed post for you, but for now lets appreciate the fact that High School Musical 3 is on. Have a lovely start to your week!

buttoned dress-thrifted
jeans- Urban Outfitters (x)
booties- Steve Madden 
sweater- thrifted
tee dress- H&M
boots- Dr. Martens

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