More gloomy weather means more icky quality photos )-: but it also means more sweater-skirt combos! Emma accompanied me today and we decided to shoot at these cool elementary school stairs, it seemed like a great idea until some kids decided to rush the fence and bombard us with questions ("what are you doing? are you in college? are you taking pictures of yourself? what's this for? why do you like these stairs?")
Anyways, today I played with textures with my new beloved grey sweater and a skirt I got in San Francisco. I'm falling in love with corduroy, especially in olive-green-skirt form. The fabrics were just heavy enough to keep me warm all day, with a perfect winter palate and slouch-on-slouch combo I love. For accessories I simply went with my rarely worn gold shark-tooth earrings, which unfortunately aren't very visible. Topped off with my trusty Docs and Popkiller socks for a pop of color!
Have a great Friday y'all, I will be back soon with some more looks in some better weather conditions!

sweater- Thrifted
skirt- Crossroads
shoes- Dr. Martens
socks- Popkiller
earrings- H&M

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