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HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all had a fun (and safe) NYE! 2014 was very good to me, and I hope 2015 has much more happiness in store. Some of my resolutions include 1) Sleep earlier and wake up earlier 2) Read as much as possible 3) Make time to exercise and take care of myself 4) Put serious effort into studying 5) Meet new people, and don't be quick to judge 6) Have more adventures, take risks, and see the silver lining in everything that challenges me.
Well to kick off 2015 I visited the Palace of Fine Arts, which I think is one of the most underrated places in existence. It's architecture is absolutely beautiful, and something about standing under massive structures makes life seem more important. These pictures are a bit fuzzy as we got there just before sunset, but I was in love with my outfit so I threw low-quality to the wind. 
It's easy to get bored or lazy with fashion when you live in constant cold climate, I've been here two weeks and I already catch myself losing motivation! As you know by now, black tights are my best friend. I stepped outside of my almost nonexistent comfort zone by wearing my tights under shorts, something I've never really liked before but it seemed to work with my Levi's. I tucked in my new thrifted blouse, with my white crop top underneath to add another layer between my skin and the eyelets of the blouse that had no useful protection from the cold. Finally, I threw on my black cardigan and oxfords to complete my first look of 2015. 

cardigan- H&M
crop top- H&M
shorts- Vintage Levi's
tights- H&M
oxfords- Dr. Martens
bag- Urban Outfitters

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