Gingham is the New Black?


I've never been an advocate of gingham, it reminds me of 1) Little House On the Prairie or 2) those awful flannels that everyone in middle school just had to have. Boy oh boy, this dress is an exception. I found this lovely thing at the Urban Outfitters Surplus on Ventura, it was so billowy and steam-punk I had to get it. It's a size small but is quite low cut- fortunately what I lack in the chest size department I gain in the fashion options department, so I could wear my new lace bralette without feeling like I was horribly inappropriate. Not only does this dress have a perfect slit down the front to keep it feminine, it has black lace details down the front and perfectly hidden along the sleeves. Swoon. Although this outfit was purely experimentation, I will certainly be wearing my new love in the future, with more piled on accessories and possibly less revealing undergarments. 

dress- Urban Outfitters
bralette- Urban Outfitters
shoes- Dr. Martens

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