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Lets not talk about how pasty my legs are, let's talk about the season finale of AHS tonight!! I am so so so excited. 
Super simple outfit today but I wanted to show off my new thrifted skirt (in case you haven't noticed, my thrifting spree has not slowed down one bit). It's navy, slightly quilted, and polka dotted just subtly enough to go with everything. I topped it with a tee that I thrifted and cut up a long time ago, I honestly have no idea what Villans With Attitude is (or why they spelled "villains" wrong) but I liked the shirt so I just bought it. I thought it would be somewhat cold today so I layered with my new black cardigan, but it was so cold and windy in the afternoon I was walking around holding my skirt down. 
Talk to y'all soon, enjoy AHS!

skirt- thrifted
shirt- thrifted
cardigan- Urban Outfitters
shoes- Dr. Martens

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