Today's outfit comin atcha from the San Francisco Botanical Garden, a.k.a. my favorite non-food-related place in the whole city. It's absolutely huge and full of winding paths through beautiful plants, positively the best place to clear your mind and recharge mental batteries. Some areas are so ridiculously green I had to neutralize my camera color-settings, and still ended up with photos that could mimic the effects of LSD. My favorite part of the gardens is a huge bamboo maze, the shoots seem to brush the clouds when you look up. I left my photos un-cropped and un-edited!
For my last full day in San Francisco I went back to my t-dress and black tights, with my trusty docs for walking around and a red flannel to stay warm. I cannot stress enough how comfortable I am in an oversized comfy flannel, it's one of my staples simply because they make me so cozy and happy.
Well it has been a lovely two weeks in this wonderful city, although I'm looking forward to seeing my friends, my beloved Los Angeles, and (most importantly) bask in the scorching weather I'm used to. I'll talk to you soon!

dress- H&M
flannel- thrifted
boots- Dr. Martens
tights- H&M

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