A Little Death


Gloomy weather means weird photos, but I actually wore a girly color palette today so I couldn't let it go un-documented. 
I went through a strange period from late middle school to the first year of high school when I dressed really pastel and girly all the time, I'm not really sure when I evolved into my Mick Jagger/AHS Coven/Dave Grohl aesthetic that I now wear with pride. Anyways, this dress is one of my purchases from that era that eventually got lost behind all the flannels and black in my closet. It occurred to me to wear my lavender sweater on top of it, and boom, another successful colorful outfit! The sweater is so thick, I didn't feel cold all day with the thin skirt. Finished the look off with docs, unbrushed hair and slept-in eyeliner to keep my aesthetic and sanity somewhat secure. 
 I will most certainly be wearing all black tomorrow. I can only stretch so far. 

sweater- American Apparel (thrifted)
dress- Urban Outfitters
shoes- Dr. Martens 

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