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My mom's first comment when I walked out of my room with this dress: "you look like you should have 19 kids and counting."
Well, I found this at a thrift store and envisioned it as a kimono (which will definitely happen soon), but I figured out that I love it as a dress! I love the big flowy fit and the buttons, which I left partially undone to keep the frumpiness in check. Easy accessorizing with my go-to necklace and birkenstocks, and I was ready to go. Wearing clunky shoes with a dress is such a perfect contrast, I wear my birks with everything, have no fear when it comes to your style! Experimenting is the best way to find out what you like, remember to travel outside the box once and awhile. I'm so drawn to pieces that look photogenic, capturing the movement of clothes is so magical and I'll never get tired of it. 
I have so many things to photograph and show you guys, and my writing may be a bit off lately due to a severe lack of sleep. I hope you had a rad and positive Monday, I'll talk to you soon!

Dress- thrifted
shoes- Birkenstocks

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