Plaid About It


This is my last post before finals week, gross. I wore this look last week and this little park was so irresistibly gloomy and fall-y I had to stop and shoot. 
Here we find another example of my ridiculous tendency to play with proportions. Micro skirt with a macro flannel? Why not? The winter colors were just too perfect with each other and I saw another golden opportunity to wear tights, so it was all systems go. Flannels are such a great extra layer to just throw on with everything, they're light but warm and in my opinion they look rad with anything. 
Sorry for not writing as much, but I'm going to go study for my AP Psych final and try not to cry myself into a personal lake. Goodbye my lovely readers, and good luck if you're going through finals! Study hard but remember to take breaks and keep a positive mindset! 

flannel- vintage
skirt- J. Crew
tank- DIY
tights- H&M
boots- Dr. Martens

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