Dog Days


Some reasons I love San Francisco: tights weather, amazing vintage stores, and the possibility of finding huge dog heads on a parked truck. I snapped some pictures of my outfit with these wonderful discoveries before jumping back in the car out of coldness/fear of the owner discovering me. This is my favorite SF outfit so far, I'll take some better pictures of it soon! I love wearing black tights and I can wear them with everything here, they always look good and they keep my legs somewhat protected from the elements. I wore my tiny black t-shirt dress with a black cardigan, black tights, and black chelsea boots, with the burgundy windbreaker for a pop of color and, again, warmth. Being with my dad is awkward because he's starting to realize how much of my closet has been stolen from his, we went almost two days before he realized that yes, he has seen this jacket before. Anyways, hopefully tomorrow I'll take some real pictures for you guys! I hope you're enjoying every second of this much-needed winter break. 

dress- H&M
tights- H&M
boots- Steve Madden
jacket- Vintage

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