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HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! This is probably my favorite costume I've ever had. My three favorite movies are: Napoleon Dynamite, The Devil Wears Prada, and Clueless, and I got the idea to be Kip a few months ago. He's my favorite character in Napoleon Dynamite, I knew I had to do it! This came together totally last minute, for some reason it's very very very difficult to find a pale blue polo shirt and khaki shorts in Los Angeles (I was searching the entire month!) I was just about to give up and dress as Kurt Cobain in his striped-shirt-outfit, but I found this polo the night before Halloween. Then I borrowed my friend Crysta's shorts, stole some socks from my dad, whipped together a Lafawnduh sign, and boom! I couldn't be happier! I had such a great day and I got high fives from so many random people, I honestly didn't expect that many people to recognize me. Well I hope you had a fun and safe Halloween! If you're like me, you've already started brainstorming for next year's costume...

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