The Return Of The Grandma-Sweater


Oh hey, two posts in a row! And I'm dressed somewhat-girly! What is happening?!
I broke out this sweater for the first time about a month ago, and I recently paired it with my navy skirt on an experimentation-day but ran out of daylight to show you. So here it is again! I find it difficult to pair things with this navy skirt, but the navy in this sweater is the exact same shade so I had to go for it. The colors and print of this top is so ridiculously feminine I had to add some me-touches- hence the oxfords, messy half bun and smudgy eyeliner (which was blindly applied in my school's bathroom because I feel naked without it). I love skirts and sweaters together, and hopefully I can start wearing tights soon as the weather finally decides whether or not it should be Fall yet in sunny California. As for now, I'm quite content with my grandma-sweaters. 

sweater- thrifted
skirt- J. Crew
tank- Forever 21
oxfords- Dr. Martens

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