I PINKY PROMISE, this is my last post with horrible-quality pictures! From now on I will get a head start and beat the sunset!
Well when in doubt, chop it. That's been my t-shirt motto for years, but the other morning I took it to a whole new level. You've seen this dress before, it hits just below the knee. While rushing to get to school yet dissatisfied with my outfit, in a true testament to my character, I blindly cut about four inches off this dress instead of giving up on the outfit. The result was a curling, slanted hemline that I had strange confidence in for the remainder of the day. I wore my army jacket because 1) I'm in love with it 2) It's the perfect size for layering over dresses and 3) I recently bought a pin from MOCA that says "I'm on bath salts" and I really had to display it. Topped off with my Docs and a half-bun, I'd say my manic morning-cutting had a pretty cool result. 

dress- H&M
jacket- Crossroads
boots- Dr. Martens

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