Raised Up To Be Admired


Friday's outfit. Something about foggy skies make me want to dress like a snobby east-coaster, I'm not sure why but I dig it. The sweater-and-button-down combo is something I can't quite get comfortable with, I love how it looks but I feel so suffocated with the layers. Maybe I've grown so used to wearing oversized/men's clothes that `I forget how things are actually meant to fit. 
Anyways, this burgundy pleather skirt is one of the things that I really don't wear as often as I should. I find it increasingly difficult to break out of my all black/grey palate that has become auto-pilot during the week. The leather texture and rich color is so perfect for Winter and Fall, I'm already sorting through looks to put together. To stay warm I layered this comfy and simple grey crewneck over it, to be completely honest I wasn't wearing the button-down until I took these photos. I have no idea why I'm so uncomfortable in tight layers, but I temporarily sacrificed my comfort for an amazing outfit (story of my life). Finally, I added some excitement to the winter-chromatic ensemble with my new Steve Madden leopard smoking slippers. I completely advocate leopard as a neutral, it's hard to believe that they go with everything until you own your own. 
Well I'm off to bed, I'll talk to y'all soon with a rad outfit and probably some angsty advice. I hope you're having a great week so far; remember to stay positive, eat some fruit, tell someone you love them, and remember what you're grateful for. 

skirt- Forever 21
sweater- Hanes
button down- Gap
bag- Steve Madden
shoes- Steve Madden 

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