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This Daylight Savings will be the death of me. By the time I get out of work/SAT Class/yearbook meetings, it's already getting dark!!!! These photos are bad quality and I took some yesterday that are bad quality as well, I try to fix it with the brightness and contrast but I definitely need to get out earlier for shooting. So bear with me for a few horribly fuzzy and badly-lighted posts while I adjust with the sun. 
     Anywho, this was my outfit for the sudden switch of weather that's happening in Los Angeles. I can't tell if it's actually going to be cold in the near future, or if this is just a teaser that'll have me in my bathing suit again by next week. It certainly is windy, which makes for some awesome pictures with layers. This new flannel (stolen from my dad of course) was begging for black, so I paired it with my black high waisted jeans and beatle boots, and white tank for some balance. 
     I'm so in love with dark palates for the cold weather, dark jewel tones and black keep me going through the frigid (as in 70 degree) weather here in LA. And of course, here we find my habit of itty-bitty tops with huge layering. Sometimes I approach my closet with the goal of drowning in my clothes, but usually I use a tank or crop top to keep the proportions somewhat in check. With my every-growing collection of menswear for layering, proportions has become a priority. 

jeans- Urban Outfitters (x)
tank- DIY
bralette- American Apparel
flannel- Vintage
sunglasses- Urban Outfitters (x)
boots- Steve Madden 

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