Simple Things


I adore simplicity, I crave simplicity in this crazy world. I wore this on Sunday and haven't gotten around to posting it until now, I'll save you from the lecture on how busy I am (again). Black and white is such an infinite and perfect combination that I will never run out of ways to use. Sundays are my closet-experimentation days but I went pretty neutral in a striped shirt, black jeans, beatle boots, and my chambray top. My mom actually entrusted me with one of her beloved Coach bags, I love this one because it's perfectly my size and it has the structured style I've been looking for forever. Cutting it short tonight due to looming piles of homework and an already-weak sleep schedule I need to maintain. See you soon my darlings xoxo

jeans- Urban Outfitters (x)
shirt- thrifted
denim shirt- thrifted
bag- coach
boots- Steve Madden (x)

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