Oxford Comma


Happy October, a.k.a my favorite month of the entire twelve that are offered! Not gonna lie, I was really excited to wear these shoes because I could use that Vampire Weekend title. My Dr. Marten obsession is going strong with my mom's old oxfords that are now (partially) mine to wear. I paired them with my flowery H&M dress and perfectly fuzzy Urban cardigan, and I was comfy throughout Monday's weird transitional-weather. Dresses with sweaters layered over them are my absolute favorite during Fall, besides flannels of course. 
Sunset-photos are so magical, I love how sometimes the light is perfectly golden and it just looks so cozy and Autumn-y. I know sunset-photos are always a little fuzzy, but I think you guys can handle a little bad quality once and a while. Talk to you soon cuties xoxo

dress- H&M 
cardigan- Urban Outfitters
shoes- Dr. Martens
bag- Steve madden

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