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Three things that I love most in life: sunsets, iced coffee, and snuggly flannels. Today I was lucky enough to get two of them simultaneously. As I was driving home I pulled into this parking lot to look at the sunset (with the convertible top down of course) and decided to snap some pictures of my comfy outfit that I wore today. Dreadful quality, I know, but just focus on the sky instead of the fuzziness. 
Well I've worn pants for the past three days in a row because of the cold/transitional weather, so today I wore my comfy t-shirt dress with my dad's SUPER comfy flannel and creepers. 
Are y'all excited for Halloween?!?! I am super duper excited, it is my favorite holiday and I'm so in love with my costume- I'll show you guys my costume tomorrow but for now it's a secret! Tell me what your costume is!

dress- H&M
flannel- vintage
creepers- Steve Madden

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