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Oh my goodness, I'm pretty sure this is the longest time I've gone without posting! I am so sorry, I try to keep consistent with my beloved readers but I have so much going on. According to my Nike+ app, it's been a month and a half since my last run. That's how busy I am! So I pinky promise that I am keeping you guys a priority! 
Well this past weekend was absolutely perfect, sometimes I adore when my weekend is totally packed with activity. I FINALLY got to see Annabelle (horrible by the way) on Friday, Horror Nights on Saturday-awesome as usual, and the AIDS Walk on Sunday! I did the AIDS Walk with my best friend and it was so much fun, mostly because it's in West Hollywood and we were constantly making side-trips into vintage stores and cute cafes. Perhaps a post about it soon? 
I bought this sweater at the Goodwill on Beverly, we were there for hours and tried on sooo much stuff. As soon as I saw this sweater I had to buy it because it reminds me of the cool grandmas who still buy sparkly nail polish and wear perfectly-coordinated outfits while shopping for kale juice at Whole Foods. I aspire to be that type of senior citizen. 
For this Monday's look. I paired my new sweater with comfy and slightly-baggy Urban Outfitters jeans, Dr. Marten oxfords that I'm determined to break in, and a tank that is coincidentally the exact same shade as the sweater's details. I pulled over next to this sidewalk to take pictures as the sun was starting to set, simply because it seemed Autumn-y to me. Well I will certainly try to post within the next few days, love you lots! 

sweater- thrifted
jeans- Urban Outfitters
shoes- Dr. Martens
tank- Forever 21
bag- Urban Outfitters

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